Monday’s whole school assembly sets the tone for the week. We discuss ‘Stars and Steps’ from the previous week,  litter-pickers are chosen, the best behaved year-group at lunchtimes are celebrated (see ‘Winterbottom’) and blank ‘Luxury Lunch’ invites are handed out ready for teachers to choose the Stukeley Values Champions for the week.

On Tuesdays, the school celebrate the work of those in our community. We welcome a range of people in to speak to us! We also look closely at our ‘Stukeley Steps’ development plan and the progress we’re making.

Fridays see our ‘Sharing Assemblies’ at 2:40 and are alternated each week between Y-FS/1/2 and Y-3/4/5/6. Families are invited in to celebrate what their children have been learning – and we get massive turn-outs each week! The variety on offer is phenomenal – from singing, maths, gymnastics and art to poetry, quizzes, science and engineering!
We also celebrate lunchtime behaviour, reading progress and maths progress, handwriting and Values champions with certificates.

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