Staff Leadership Roles

Core Leadership
Headteacher                                  -James Singleterry
Assistant Head Teachers          – Niki Barry, Karen Page, Rachel Stephens

EYFS/1 Leader                              – Rachel Stephens
Year 2/3 Leader                            – Karen Page
Year 4/5/6 Leader                       – Niki Barry
Business Manager                      – Lynne Hardie
SENCO                                            – Alexandra Johnstone

Literacy                                          – Karen Page and Emily Bedford
Maths                                              – Niki Barry and Angela Campbell
Assessment                                – James Singleterry
Data                                               – Niki Barry
Behaviour                                    – James Singleterry
Vulnerable Groups                   – Niki Barry
Safeguarding                             – James Singleterry
Curriculum                                  – Karen Page
Health and Safety                     – Lynne Hardie

Community Leadership
FOSMS Reps                                 – Rachel Stephens, Ann Case, James Singleterry
Visitors/Volunteers                    – Rachel Stephens
Family/Pupil Support               – Lisa Langley/Jude Kendall
Liaison, Publicity, Branding   – Leadership Team

Care Leadership    (R.E., P.S.H.E, SMSC, British Values, Collective Worship)
Helen Woolner, Ali Lewis, Teresa Bradbury, Karen Page, Linda Gavigan

Create Leadership    (Art, D.T., Music, I.C.T.)
Mark Whatley, Jacquie Woodcock, Sarah Holloway, Kathryn Cole, Emily Bedford

Compete Leadership    (P.E., Forest, Trips)
Nadine Horne, Claire Booth, Matt Smith, Charlotte Williams, Niki Barry

Collaborate Leadership    (Science, History, Geography, MFL)
Angela Campbell, Gwen Hill, Alex Johnstone, Julie Peake



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