Year Six!

Year Six Leavers 2017 

Stukeley Year Six Junior Chefs Academy

Kingswood Residential 2016!

Harvest Bake-Off!

Year Five and The Celts!

Mud Volcanoes!

Year Five Museum Crawl!

Year Five Jelly Earthquakes!

Year Five Jelly Earthquakes!

Science Museum Trip!

Solids, Liquids, Gases!

Grafham 2015!

Chameleons On Tour!

Easter holidays fast approaching, Lime and Willow will be having their own adventures!
Look out for updates on Twitter! #chameleonsontour

Science Homework: Musical Instruments

Chameleon Bazaar


Year Four got cycling!

Willow arrives!

The dream comes true!

Chameleon Visit!

Chameleons visit year 4

Science Bonanza!

Mrs Gladwin gave us a great Science session

Greek Delight!

Our Greek topic day

Year Four Harvest Rainbow

A video for the 2014 Stukeley Harvest Festival


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