Fun & Charity fundraising

Fun & Charity Fundraising

Our two-year project to raise £5000 to sponsor our own Guide Dog ended in July 2015! We are now looking forward to updating everyone with news of our puppies!

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Our aims are:

1. To give the children the opportunity to contribute to their local community through fundraising activities.

2. For children and adults to work together to gain a sense of achievement whilst having fun.

3. To promote the children’s awareness and understanding of the benefits of giving to others.

We plan to organise two activities per term. One of these will be a fun activity and one will be a fundraiser. In addition to this we may participate in National fundraising events. During the summer term the children will vote to choose which local charity they would like to support for the following academic year. We are always happy to consider any LOCAL charities. Please submit your suggestions in an envelope marked F&CF to the school office.