At Stukeley Meadows we are very keen for as many children as possible to come to school riding bikes or scooters.  We work together with Sustrans on our cycling programme. We have 8 Bike It Crew who work with the Cycling Champion Teachers who (led by Miss Barry) are part of the “Competition” subject group.  Gathering data from our regular bike counts, organising family events, making sure bikes are safe and cycling proficiency, all encourages our pupils at Stukeley to be part of the sustainable travel community.

Active children encourages good learning!

This is the fourth year that Stukeley Meadows is proud to be part of “Sustrans Bike it Project.”  Last year we successfully gained our bronze award and are working towards our silver this year.

This year our Bike It Crew are:

Lenny, Katie, Freya, Bano, James, Jude, Finley and Olivia.
Some of the key events which we have already organised for this year are:

Reception to have the loan of three balance bikes

Weekly Bike/Scooter counts

Wednesday 7th October Walk/cycle to school day

Tuesday 24th November Be Bright Assembly

Friday 27th November Dress Brightly Day

Monday 18th January Bike Safety Circuit – (Bike Health Check)

Wednesday 2nd March and Wednesday 9th March Years 1 and 2 Stabilisers Off! After school

Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th March Year 4 Bike Skills

Monday April 11th Big Pedal – every day for 2 weeks

Monday 13th June Scoot Skills for Years 3 and 4 during the school day

Monday 6th June Year 6 Bike Ability 4 days during the school day

Early July Travel Survey

Bike IT overview

Bike It competitions

Sustrans Overview





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