Subscribe and never miss an event

You can subscribe to the Stukeley calendars on your iPhone/iPad/device and never miss a school event again! As new events are added, your device will automatically be updated.

These calendars will move with your child as they go through school – just subscribe once to e.g. the Foundation calendar and that will become the Year One calendar next year, Year Two the year after and so on.

Subscribe to Stukeley calendars on your phoneSimple method

The simplest way to subscribe is to send yourself an email, which contains all the calendar links.

Once you have received the email on your mobile device, just click on the calendar link(s) and hit the ‘Subscribe’ button for each calendar you need.
All the events are then shown in your device calendar and new ones will appear automatically.

Don’t forget to also subscribe to the Stukeley Community Calendar for events that apply to the whole school!

» Send all calendar links by email


Although most devices such as iPhones have an option to untick / hide the calendar temporarily, when your child leaves the school you will want to remove the calendar completely.

To remove these calendars from your device when your child leaves the school, simply visit Settings > Calendar > Accounts on your iPhone or iPad, and then select the Calendar and choose ‘Delete Account’.

Complicated Subscription method

If you prefer to copy and paste the full URL for each calendar, you can find them below.
On e.g. an iPad / iPhone, you can visit this page and copy the Stukeley Community events calendar URL:

Stukeley Community events

Then go to Settings and choose either Mail/Contacts/Calendars, or just Calendar (depending on your iOS version).
Then choose ‘Accounts’ and ‘Add Account’ and then choose type ‘Other’ (not iCloud / Exchange etc)
Then choose ‘Add Subscribed Calendar’ and in the server section, paste in the URL you copied above and press ‘Next’.
Leave all the options as they are and simply press ‘Save’.

All current events and any new events that are added for that calendar will now be added to your device automatically.

Now do the same for the individual school year calendars that you also want to subscribe to:

EYFS / @stukeley2018

Year One / @stukeley2017

Year Two / @stukeley2016

Year Three / @stukeley2015

Year Four / @stukeley2014

Year Five / @stukeley2013

Year Six / @stukeley2012

Mac OS Calendar

These links are also useful for subscribing via the Mac OS X Calendar application – just go to File > New Calendar Subscription and paste in the Calendar URL.

Windows 10 Calendar

To subscribe to these calendars in Windows, you need to add them to your account online.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Tap or click Subscribe.
  3. Paste the URL(s) from above into the Calendar URL, add a name for this calendar, and tap or click Subscribe to calendar.
  4. The calendar will then sync automatically with your Windows 10 calendar.