Mrs Stephens leads Geography across the school. The documents below identify our approach, coverage, expectations and progression across the school.

Geography Profile (pdf) – the fundamentals and Big Ideas of our teaching

Geography Vocabulary (pdf) – the subject-specific vocabulary introduced through the year groups

Geography Overview (pdf) – the units covered across all year groups

Geography in the National Curriculum (pdf) – the National Curriculum documents detailing what needs to be covered

Geography Assessment (pdf) – the areas/focuses of our assessments across the school

Geography Knowledge Plans (pdf) – the knowledge that is taught to be remembered (one example is available)

Geography Knowledge Organisers (pdf) – these are featured below… one for every Geography unit in every year group.

The fact, figures and information on each is the bedrock of our teaching and strong emphasis is placed on all children memorising all before them!

Geography Year One UK Knowledge Organiser (pdf)