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The National Curriculum was relaunched in the 2014/15 academic year. At Stukeley,  we identified areas of specific interest and expertise in order to begin building our own content. We plan from termly ‘themes’ that have allowed us to link the different curriculum areas to each other and, as a result, increase children’s enthusiasm, enjoyment and ‘effectiveness’ of learning. The aim of this is to enhance learning by teaching contextually.

Themes are as follows…

Year One
Autumn Term- Curtains Up   Spring Term-Super Humans    Summer Term-Ice- creams and sandcastles

Year Two
Autumn Term- Toy Story  Spring Term-Down Under    Summer Term-Fire! Fire!

Year Three
Autumn Term- Pharaohs and Mummies   Spring Term-Around the World in 80 days    Summer Term- Yabba Dabba Do

Year Four 
Autumn Term- Iron Giants   Spring Term-Hot and Cold    Summer Term-Swords and Sandals

Year Five
Autumn Term- Wild Earth  Spring Term-Invaders    Summer Term- Planet Earth

Year Six
Autumn Term- We are at war!   Spring Term-Arriba! Arriba!    Summer Term-Money Money Money