At Stukeley Meadows maths is taught using the Mastery approach.  Children focus on the range of mathematical skills using fluency to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.  Several teachers within the school have taken part in lesson observations of teachers from Shanghai using this approach.

Maths No Problem books are used by teachers to plan from and support the children’s learning of concepts through small steps.  White Rose materials structure each year groups long term plan and support the structure of fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  Other materials including Busy Ants, Abacus and Nrich are used to develop concepts.

The Big Ideas are used within each year group to ensure misconceptions which may occur are clarified and support progression within the school.

Variation of conceptions are explored, as well as making links to other aspects of maths.  This creates a joined up approach in which children can deepen their understanding of maths.

Timetables form a strong part of the children’s learning and in Year 3,4,5 and 6 Time table Rock Stars is used three times a week.  This approach ensures the children become fluent in this important area of maths which underpins a lot of their mathematical skills and understanding.

“Real Life” situations are used to show the importance of maths.  Links are also made in each year group across other subjects especially science and PE.

Testing informs teachers of the progress children are making and gaps they have within their learning.  The use of NFER tests along with past SAT papers, Twinkl and White Rose are all used at different points.

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Maths Coverage Overview

Maths overview

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Assessment Procedures