Our Values

Our four Stukeley Values are:


These are communicated out to the whole school community and been threaded through our School Improvement strategy. They underpin everything that we do at Stukeley.

Our aims are therefore to…

CARE   (we will encourage each other to show respect and be polite. We will
support one another to become responsible and independent)

CREATE (we want to fire imaginations, use the best ways to learn things and
build enthusiasm to bursting point)

COMPETE (we need to inspire each other to raise standards so that across the
school,we have high expectations for becoming the best)

COLLABORATE (we will make the most of excellent ideas outside of Stukeley
and use anything we can to our advantage)

We use the Stukeley Values to structure our approaches to learning and leadership. The four act as headings in our Job Descriptions, Appraisals and Strategic Planning and we use them to define what we celebrate and how we behave. The Values have their own ‘welcome’ and indeed their own song!


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