‘Plugging the gaps, filling the pail’

With the DfE announcing the withdrawal of National Curriculum Levels in 2014/15 and the (eventual) publication of the Commission’s Assessment Without Levels report, as a school we have considered the best approach for our children.

Ultimately, all children will still be given a ‘level’ of sorts as we will indicate at regular intervals whether or not they are meeting the age-related expectations. However, what our new procedures will allow us to do is focus more effectively on the key skill/learning focus gaps that individual children have (and put in the relevant provision) in order to move them on. A ‘label’ or level will no longer be used to direct the support.

The expectations of the National Curriculum have also redefined approaches to teaching and learning. The attached document Assessment Without Levels – Stukeley Style formed the basis of a Stukeley Teacher/Family meeting on Monday 19th October, during which we discussed the emphasis on children becoming secure with all learning focuses within their year group expectation and  tackling them in a variety of ways in order to ‘master them’… hence the analogy at the very top of this page.

The Stukeley Teaching/Learning/Assessment policy can be viewed here – please be aware that this is a working document! It contains a whole raft of information regarding how we are linking assessment to teaching and then learning!