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Sports Premium Spending
Following on from the London 2012 Olympics, all UK schools received an additional £8,000 (plus £5 per pupil) to improve the quality of sport and PE provision for all their children. From 2018, the government doubled this funding to £16,000 (plus £10 per pupil). As a school, we previously invested heavily in the HSSP (Huntingdon Schools Sports Partnership) who supported and challenged our P.E. provision throughout the year. We moved to more independent and self-led provision for the 2016/17 academic year. Full details of our spending is below, along with previous impact statements:

Sports Premium Plan 201819
Sports Premium Provision 201718
Sports Premium Funding Spend 201617
Sports Premium Funding Spend 201516
Sports Premium Spending 201415
Stukeley Sports Provision Impact Statement for 2014/15

Sports Premium Spending for 2013/14
We have already invested £3000 in sustaining the hugely successful ‘Hunts Sports Partnership’ scheme that is led by Hinchingbrooke School and are also keen to increase the input from ‘Premier Sport’ (Mr Partridge is our Sports Teacher) as he seeks to raise the profile of sport and ‘competition’ across the school. A more detailed look at where we intend to spend the morning is below:

Sports Legacy Spending for 2013/14

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